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Monday, June 26, 2006

Olympic Island Fesitval Part 1

I went to the Olympic Island Festival in Toronto this past weekend and had a blast. After the nervousness of bringin the SLR in (the event wasn't so keen on them) wore off I settled into an awesome 8 hrs of live music on a beautiful day. I saw a lot of awesome people and enjoyed 5 incredible bands.

Fawn singing
Fawn singing, originally uploaded by khiscott.

This is Raising the Fawn. They started off the day with some sweet tunes. They are always great live and were a nice opening act.

J Mascis
J Mascis, originally uploaded by khiscott.

J Mascis then played with Broken Social Scene as his backin band. Some of the songs were really awesome and he's a pretty sweet guitarist.

Feist Singin
Feist Singin, originally uploaded by khiscott.

Leslie Feist came on and things really started picking up. She played a wonderful set mid-afternoon and got the crowd moving and involved. Everyone was clapping and havin fun.

The last two bands will follow soon :)


At 8:28 PM, Anonymous kristy said...

wow shes hot if i were a man...i would totally try to date her. but i am not so i will wait for a sunny day or a man. i want to go to a concert.

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

i told kristy she isn't allowed to hit on other women, damn it...or construction workers!


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